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Wireless Bluetooth Connection - can be paired with two devices

This hearing protector includes two separate Bluetooth units in left and right earcup:

The Bluetooth unit in  left earcup is  for Motorola two-way radio. It supports PTT-functionality over Bluetooth with Motorola e-series radios with HKVN4465 licence activated.

The Bluetooth unit in  right earcup is for mobile phone. If your phone supports the A2DP Bluetooth profile and has a music player feature, you can also use the phone to play music with the hearing protector. 

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The most important features are the safety features!

The voice/sound will always be heard through Motorola radio even though the other device is active. This is an important feature of safety.
PTT- talk on shell enables to communicate by pressing the rotary switch on the left ear cup. It is mechanically reliable and easy to use even when wearing work gloves. 
If you are having a mobile phone conversation (or the other device is active) and you push the Motorola PTT rotary switch, your voice will be heard in both devices. This is also an important feature of safety.

Qualified Bluetooth device, for wireless connection to a mobile phone or communication radio.
Wireless transmission range approximately 10 m
A2DP, HFP ja HSP profiles and has a stereo music player feature
Push-To-Talk- on shell
Easy to connect by simple pairing feature
Level dependent
Active ambient sound reproduction protects your hearing from harmful noise while warning signals, speech, instructions and other signals in lower levels of noise can be heard.
Improves safety by not isolating the user from the surroundings
Maximum sound pressure level from earphones is limited to 82 dB.


Unique casting technique to protect the electronics
Rechargeable Li-on battery and charger included, operating time 100 h or 20h when Bluetooth active
Low battery warning and automatic switch off after 5 hours
Robust flex-boom mic with excellent background noise cancellation
Gel filling and padded headband and spacious cups for the maximum user comfort


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